Isaiah manuscript

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Motivation Behind GSP

Why doesn't God ever audibly talk to us anymore? We don't see angels or God's Shekinah glory or even signs in the sky that God is there! But Edith Schaeffer, author of Christianity Is Jewish, reminds us that He has done these things. The sky has opened up and the Spirit did appear and the people heard God speak at Jesus' baptism! The prophets spoke clearly of thing to come. The Bible is preserved supernaturally for any who want to "hear God speak". Who is this God? He is "important enough" that it is illogical for us not to be interested in what He has said, what He has done, and what His characteristics are.
Not only has God plainly spoken for all to a clear voice, not so hazy as many people think. For instance, "I can't read the Bible...I don't get it!" Answer: Skip to another verse, story, chapter, or book...or ask here. God still speaks in His Living Word, God's Love Letter (as my friend has called it). God's Word is never to be reduced to "another book" with historical accounts and stories. Alive and supernatural, "sharper than any two-edged sword", it pierces us; it convicts, comforts, convinces the greatest skeptics; it has power--God's power--to go deep into the darkest parts of our being and pull them into the revealing light of Truth. It gently nudges or quakes the soul.
The Voice I hear when I read the Word has made me laugh a few times and cry more than a few times, thrilled me, scared me, and most definitely wowed me. Someone asked me, "Why aren't there more new prophecies?" What do you want? He has given us what will happen right up to the end! Alpha, Omega and current events!
I have not always been so enthusiastic and I am just as amazed with myself as with all humanity, "Why aren't we interested in what God has said?" Even today, what is God saying in His Message to us? Whether it is that you don't think GOD actually said it or that you don't much care what God has to say in your earthbound, humanistic state...or the worst state of existence: "Ho-hum, I'm fat and comfortable in my recliner even though I give God my Sunday mornings."--our apathy is astonishing! And then the human race wonders why God allows calamities! Could it be maybe... WAKE US UP out of our complacency and contented stupors?
Yaweh, Yeshua, and the nameless, most Holy Spirit are important enough to heed our sincere, whole and undivided attention...heart, mind, soul and stength.
Let's do this! Any questions?